Sunday, October 13, 2013


The year is not at all slowly coming to a close and I, for one, am kind of glad. Far be it from me to want time to go faster because, well, time is a hyperactive beast mercilessly barreling through the masses (I...don't know where that analogy came from), but this year was just kind of...nondescript. Like, it wasn't baaaad, per se, not at all (thank God!), but it was also kind of...meh. I mulled over this to Yogi the other day: a just-okay year filled with periodic bursts of awesomeness. (And, well, every moment spent with Yogi is awesomeness personified BECAUSE DUH, so any meh-ness was always punctuated with his awesome self on a daily basis, and (oh I know) right now you're probably rolling your eyes and making retching noises, bahahah.)   (And, I mean, sure, it's not awesomeness when we have dumb fights now and again because arguments by definition suck, but thankfully the dumb fights, by virtue of being dumb, never last long which: SCORE!)

Until the year is over, though, there's kind of a schweeeet stream of activity, starting with a Beyonce concert in just over a week (can I get a SQUEEE!!), then a five-day Hamilton Island getaway with my two besties (BFFs!), a wedding, Yogi's and my three year marriage anniversary (um, say whaaaaa?!), then a big ass deal end-of-year choral concert our choir is doing at a cool music hall, and Yogi and I will most likely end the year with a roadtrip to Sydney, following the coastal route which: be still my beating heart! So, you know, a lot of kickass things to savour and relish and whatnot.
Thy will be done!


  1. Seriously, where the hell did this year go??? How the hell are we half way through October already? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING.

  2. Aw, I can't believe you get to see Beyonce! How fun!
    I still can't believe that the year is almost over! This year went by way too quickly!
    xo TJ

  3. I can barely keep up - that's how fast these last few months have gone. Every second day feels like Friday (not that I'm complaining ;P)... but geez it takes all out of you and its a struggle to stay balanced. Hope you're well friend :)

  4. I don't care how "meh" your last year was, I'm in total awe of the awesomeness that awaits you! Sounds like you have some incredibly exciting plans coming up and also ERMERGERD, I've missed you, little bird! How are you, sweets?! Good to be back here today, and hope you don't mind if I stalk your blog a little. NO? Super.

    Sending big fat *SMOOCHES* your way and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! My goodness, has it been three years already!?